What we live by: or culture, values, benefits

Corporate Culture at Deloitte

We are all different and have our own life and career paths. What connects us is Deloitte. Why do we feel good here?


We provide professional services

We provide top-notch auditing, tax, legal, and consulting services to the most significant companies in the world. As a consulting firm, we are always a step ahead and can address the challenges of the future. We continuously educate and develop ourselves – the professional and career growth of our people is our top priority. We also innovate. We know that technology is the future, and we use it in such traditional fields as taxation or accounting, thanks to a range of smart solutions. And not only there.

Collaboration is one of our main ingredients. Various departments collaborate closely on numerous projects – if, for example, the perspective of a lawyer, tax expert, and cybersecurity specialist is needed, we join forces to provide our clients with comprehensive services and at the same time an individual approach. If you want to be part of a trend-setting company and constantly progress, Deloitte is the clear choice.


Education and development

We pride ourselves on the intensive education and development of our employees. We pay great attention to working with talents, allowing everyone to develop and improve in areas they are talented in. Whether it's internal training and courses, professional certification, or enhancing qualifications, we support you in everything. If you still need to discover your strengths, you can take the Gallup test with us to reveal your potential, which you can then further develop here. But in the end, the most valuable is practice – you will gain as much experience as you can handle. You'll meet significant clients from various sectors, get to know the environment and functioning of many companies, and we can promise that no day will be like the previous one. You will grow professionally as well as in soft skills. And with personal and professional development, rapid career growth goes hand in hand here. You can count on that. Moreover, you will often collaborate with people from other teams and departments, giving you a glimpse into other fields, and you might even decide to change the direction of your career – that's nothing unusual here at Deloitte. At Deloitte, all doors are open.


Our people & culture

A friendly atmosphere, approachable and kind colleagues, mutual respect, and genuine care for employees – this is not just rhetoric, this is Deloitte. You'll notice our relaxed corporate culture the moment you first step into our offices, from the first "hello" from new colleagues. Everyone here is on a first-name basis, whether you're a junior, a senior manager, or a partner, whether younger or older in age or service. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we have several programs and services to support you in various life situations, such as legal, financial or psychological counseling, paid leave in serious moments, the online medical service ULékaře.cz, or sick days. At Deloitte, we always support each other – and that holds true both in the office and after hours.


Making an Impact That Matters

Our motto is "Making an impact that matters," and it guides us in all aspects of our business. We have the knowledge, skills, power, and enthusiasm to contribute to a better future for our surroundings, society, and planet. This also underpins our global CSR strategy, which is based on four main pillars: supporting education, protecting the climate, creating an inclusive work environment, and social responsibility. The vision of influencing the world around us for the better is reflected both in our daily work and in our participation in volunteer projects, where we can offer our expertise, skills, and experienced people. In short, we believe that work should have meaning. Want to join us in this journey?

Diversity, equal opportunities & inclusion

Every individual is a unique personality that enriches our team. We support diversity and create an environment where everyone can develop, gain experience, and grow. We understand that everyone has different needs and interests, so our range of benefits is diverse, and it's up to each individual to choose. We don’t want to wait for equal conditions to be mandated by law. We know what's right, and all the rights granted by legislation to married couples are also provided to registered or non-registered partners. We ensure equal conditions for all parents, whether caring for their children or their partner's. We accommodate students, parents, and colleagues who care for a family member, among other things, by offering the option to work part-time. Here, you will experience a genuinely inclusive, equal, and diverse environment in practice.